Emily's Story

On April 7, 2011, Emily Beazley was diagnosed with Stage III T-Cell Lymphoblastic Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.  Emily's cancer was extremely aggressive, and she bravely battled it three times over four years.  Unfortunately, Emily passed away on May 18, 2015.  Emily’s fight to live, and how she did it despite her obstacles, inspired thousands around the world.  Green and purple bulbs were lit all over the globe for Emily, including at the Taylor Swift concert.  We all prayed for a miracle for Emily, but what we discovered was that SHE was the miracle.  This young girl brought together a community to show their love.  Parents hugged their children tighter, and love fiercer.  Emily changed lives, and the world is a much better place because of her.  She was the miracle we were praying for.  Emily had a simple message – no matter what your battle, you have to stay strong, and you have to stay positive.  And that she did.  President Obama stated it beautifully. “It’s clear Emily’s example of courage, strength, and hope made a lasting impact on people around the world.  Emily’s spirit will carry on in the community she brought together and in the hearts of those whose lives she touched.”

When Emily was sent home on hospice, her body was strong enough to continue with her fight, but all options were exhausted.  She was able to fight. She wanted to fight.  After four years of poison, her organs were still in great shape.  It was always her choice, and she always chose to fight.  For her to die in pain, suffering, partially paralyzed, is just disgusting.  Science failed her.

Emily had two professional goals when she became an adult - become a pediatric oncology nurse, and establish a foundation that supports finding better treatment options for pediatric cancer patients and a cure.  Emily was always concerned about others, and liked doing her part to help them.  When Emily was off treatment the first time and her future looked bright, she drew the logo for the foundation, and wrote her plans for it.  Emily talked about it often.  Unfortunately, Emily was unable see her goal come true.  We, the family and friends of Emily Beazley, plan to honor her by carrying on with her mission.

Emily's passing will not be in vain.  We hope to one day spare other children from the same horror and grief Emily and those that love her endured.  We want to give kids with a cancer diagnosis a future.  That is why 100% of all money raised through Kures for Kids will go directly to funding cancer research. We will support all types of childhood cancer, not just the type Emily had.