Casting Courage:

In the above photos, the one on the left is the Beazley family hand cast. Emily's arm and hand make up the right side of the piece. That is the first hand cast we did. It means so much to the Beazley family, showing that their bond is forever. Since then, we have provided them free of charge to families as their child has exhausted all treatment options. We are referral only. Although we would LOVE to provide one to the family of every child going through cancer treatment, we can only provide them after all treatment options have been exhausted. No Kures for Kids money is used (that all goes towards research). We buy the supplies and provide our service for free, but the artist we use to finish and paint the cast charges a reduced fee. He lives in Austin, TX. We initially paid for everything ourselves, but when people found out what we were doing, we now have a long list of sponsors to pay for the artist cost and shipping the piece to and from the artist. The hand casts are plaster and painted bronze. The bronze really makes the detail stand out.

If you know a family that would like to have this amazing keepsake and live in the Chicago area, please contact Nadia  Beazley at (773)934-6086 for details.

Hand Cast / Life Cast

    These are demolded casts hours after leaving the families houses.                           This is after the artist cleans them up and paints them bronze.